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AI Education Project

"What’s Happening in Ohio: aiEDU Supporting AI Readiness by Empowering ESCs Across Ohio" is a groundbreaking collaboration between aiEDU and the Ohio Educational Service Center Association (OESCA). This initiative is a significant step towards integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our educational framework, positioning Ohio as a leader in AI education nationally. The core of this program is to establish a robust network of AI educators across Ohio's educational service centers (ESCs).

Key offerings of the initiative include:

  1. Professional Development: Tailored virtual PD sessions for all ESCs, supplemented by monthly sessions accessible to all Ohio educators.
  2. AI Summits: Annual AI-focused summits, in collaboration with the ESCs, to foster a statewide AI education network.
  3. District Toolkit: A vital resource providing guidance on AI tool implementation for educators and administrators.
  4. ESC Leader Spotlights: A platform highlighting the trailblazing efforts of ESC leaders in AI education through insightful case studies.


  • Four project leads who are ESC staff members, will represent four quadrants of the state, and ensure comprehensive AI capability development within each ESC.
  • ESCs will be asked to supply a point of contact that project leads can update with project information.
  • A dedicated aiEDU team will be deployed in Ohio to identify and train AI champions from these ESCs, aiming to train 1-2 representatives per ESC.
  • ESCs may be asked to collaborate on AI Summits.
  • ESCs and their client districts will be invited to attend professional development.
  • ESCs will be asked to help disseminate the AI Toolkit to their client districts.

aiEDU and Ohio Educational Service Center Association's 2024 AI Summit [Download Flyer]

aiEDU and the Ohio Educational Service Center Association invite educators from across the state of Ohio to come together, be inspired, and share their expertise and ideas around AI Literacy and innovation!

All AI Summits are FREE to Ohio ESC employees, district leaders, building leaders, and K-12 teachers and will take place from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on the following dates:

Capacity is limited for each AI Summit - Register here today!


The AI Education Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that creates equitable learning experiences that excite and empower students everywhere with AI literacy. Their focus is on building the conceptual knowledge and skills students need to thrive as workers, creators, consumers, and citizens.

ESC Project Lead: Candice Sears, candice.sears@mcesc.org



  • aiEDU Newsletter | Nov 2023 | Feb 2024
    (AI news, project updates, resources for educators, free webinars)
  • AI Pulse Survey
    (Survey for ESC staff, K-12 administrators, educators, and parents are asked to complete a survey on AI & education. The responses will help inform the aiEDU project on the core concerns, aspirations, and perspectives that will shape the future of education)